All items can be purchased at
Storenvy (SE)
Click on pictures to purchase.
All prices include shipping. 

Chrysallis Sphynx Ruffled Scarf
$20 Etsy

 Peach Ruffle Scarf
$20 Etsy

Ballet Ruffle Scarf
$20 Etsy

 Pink/White Cell Phone Case
$8.99 YS


Variegated Cell Phone Case
$8.99 YS

Gray/White Cell Phone Case
$8.99 YS

Croc Headband
$15 Etsy

Teen Hat/Fingerless Gloves $20 Etsy


Mint Green Set
$18 Etsy

Blue w/Daisies Purse

 Brown/Blue Dots Purse
$18 Etsy


Hello Kitty Hat

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